Sam Hultin

I'm Every Lesbian

I’m Every Lesbian is a project consisting of guided city walks, presented in a first-person
narrative, that based on interviews with lesbians living in a specific place, presents parts of that place’s lesbian history. The walk presents both the more official lesbian history – such as important gathering places, laws and legislations regarding lgbtqi+ people, organisations and manifestations, but also focuses on personal stories of love and friendship to reflect on how social and political movements affect the individual. Every city walk also exists as a bilingual audio guide with a map. Since 2013 I have conducted the project in Tirana, Belgrade, Norrköping, Malmö, Boxholm, Tensta and Oslo together with local lesbian activists.

The work aims to highlight lesbian history in a traditionally cis-male gendered space – the public. The work also explores lesbian identity and culture where norms regarding race, ability, sexuality, gender etc. is off course as present as in the rest off society. I am interested in challenging these norms and also explore sexuality and gender identity as something fluid, how lesbianism is dependent on the heterosexual norm and in which ways the lesbian identity, and the challenging of it, is practiced today in different places around Europe.

I conducted the first walks myself but later had local lesbian activists, with whom I have collaborated with, doing them. In Tirana the project has developed with local lesbians who have modified the walk to be able to do it after I was there. It has been important that the material in the walks are free to use and change according to the local activists wants and needs.

In the project I have defined lesbians as “people with or with a desire for lesbian experiences”. I’ve tried to be clear about my view on sexuality, as well as gender, as something fluid and changing and that is also off course self-defined.









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