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Available Futures (2017)

Audiowalk in Hökarängen, Stockholm 45 mins

Welcome to experience Available Futures, a YD-simulated historical city walk presenting the background, emergence and development of the Hökarängen movement up until today 2077. In this first part we move almost exactly 60 years back in time – to 2017, and take a unique look at the circumstances that led up to the start of the movement.

The work problematizes nostalgia and questions who can afford to be nostalgic in a world where groups of marginalized people are fighting for human rights and major changes regarding the west’s unsustainable lifestyle has to happen.

To start the simulation → download the app on your smartphone. In the app, search for and select Available Futures. Put on your headphones, choose language and press START. The simulation takes about 45 mins and starts outside the gallery Konsthall C, just below the stairs.

You can also listen to the audioguide online anywhere in English here >>>

Or here in Swedish >>>

The work was commissioned by Konsthall C as a part of my solo exhibition A Matter Of Time 2017.

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