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Reservatet (2023)

Audio walk for Syskonen Kajsa och Olle Nymans ateljéer och konstnärshem. Only in Swedish. 

During a residency in the spring of 2023 I thought about how the place - the studios and home of the artists Olle and Kajsa Nyman has worked as a safe zone - not just for Olle and Kajsa but for a large group of people who came there to work,, study or hang out. I thought about how art can be that kind of place and therefore it was interesting to get a glimpse of Olle's gaze of his home and other motives. The painter's eye sensitive  to nuances, atmosphere and light and the sculptor's  playful gaze on stones, broken  pots and scraps of metal; something he shared with Kajsa who also often based her artistic work, interior design and architecture on found material.  I thought about Olle and Kajsa's artistic work, the building of their home or the "sanctuary" as they called it and the motivation behind that as an evocation of something bigger, perhaps a spirit. in the audioguide that became the outcome of my work I tried to give this spirit a voice. 

The walk starts inside the gates at  Syskonen Kajsa och Olle Nymans ateljéer och konstnärshem >>>

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