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I'm Every Lesbian (2013-2016)

I’m Every Lesbian consists of physical city walks,  audioguides and maps that based on interviews with lesbians* living in a specific place, presents parts of that place’s lesbian history. The stories both present the more official lesbian history –  important gathering places, organisations and manifestations, but also on personal stories of love and friendship to reflect on how social and political movements affect the individual.


Every city walk exists as a bilingual audio guide with a map. Since 2013 I have conducted the project in Tirana, Belgrade, Norrköping, Malmö, Boxholm, Tensta and Oslo. The walks have either been led by me or by local lesbian/queer activists. The material for the walks are free for any queer person to activate. The maps for Oslo, Tensta and Malmö are illustrated by Ylva Emel Karlsson. 

* In the project I have defined lesbians as “people with or with a desire for lesbian experiences”. I’ve tried to be clear about my view on sexuality, as well as gender, as something fluid and changing and that is also off course self-defined.

Download the app to your smart phone to listen to the audioguides or follow the link below to listen online. 

Oslo >>>

Tensta  >>>

Boxholm >>>

Malmö >>>

Norrköping >>>

Belgrade >>>

Tirana >>>

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