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Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård (2009 - )

Hägerstens Botaniska Trädgård (The Botanical Garden of Hägersten) is a collaboration between me, Ingela Ihrman and Johan Eriksson that started in 2009 when me and Ingela studied at Konstfack. As a way of creating a space to do stuff, that was less intimidating to us than the art world we decided to grow a garden to use as a platform. When the company Ericsson, that was next door to our school, was throwing out all of their big office plants, I filled my studio with them made and room for our work.


Often inviting other artists to our garden, dressed in Ingela’s amazing costumes and singing and playing mine and Johan’s songs, we made a series of “shows”. We broadcasted a radio show for broken hearts from a mall in Norrköping, we did a guided tour in a tropical garden in Vinterviken, a gala for the Baltic sea and a bird watching sound walk in Marabouparken. Our latest project was making up and celebrating the new holiday Träskafton.

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