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My Queer Chișinău (2017)

My Queer Chișinău is a collaborative project between Konsthall C, teatru-spălătorie, GENDERDOC-M, me and people from Chișinău’s LGBTQI+ community. The project consists of a map, an audio guide and a city walk where Chișinău’s LGBTQI+ community, in a first-person narrative, present parts of their history in the city. Stories of important meeting places, organisations and manifestations are mixed with stories of friendship, community and love. 

The first city walk took place on December 8 2017.

To listen to the audio guide, download the app izi.TRAVEL to your smart phone or other device and search for My Queer Chișinău. You can also listen to it online here >>>

The project was realized with the support of the Swedish Institute.

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