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Love letter to Isak, Liam, Wissam, Ilon, Suma, Jija, Theo, Saga, Benjamin, Jon, Jan Elisabeth, Birk, Anja and to you (2018)

How can we - transgender and non-binary folks, find space in a world that repeatedly reminds us of violence? How can we get a break from what we heard so many times, and instead share stories about how we can change the world, about having fun, about community and love?

For the video I interviewed people who are in love with transgender and non-binary people. The text that is read in the film is a collage of everyone’s stories and a love letter to all of us.

The video was commissioned by Kunstplass - et visningssted for samtidskunst, for the exhibition Kjær Leik/Secret Love at Kunstplass and Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo 2018 and re-edited in 2020.

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